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The Daughter Of The Devil! (Cover) by SesshyUchiha The Daughter Of The Devil! (Cover) :iconsesshyuchiha:SesshyUchiha 5 0
The Silent Fox And The Spider! Ch.1- Umiko
Name: Umiko, The Last.
Age: 21 (Physical Appearance),
Race: Yokai
Type of Yokai: Kitsune (Fox Demon)
Parents: Unknown (Were Brutally murdered by Shippo's parents)
Personality: All too random to tell you.
Description: *Beast* Jet-Black fur with Silver stripes, belly, and chin. Aqua eyes, black-silver tipped ears, *human* wears a miko kimono, Long Jet-black hair, Aqua Eyes.
Power: Poison Fog, Claws Of Silence, Fox Fury, Healing Kiss Of Light.
Skills: Agile, quick, fast, flexible, quick reflexes, able to use anything as a weapon.
Friends: Kaede, Sesshomaru, *Temporary: Kagome, Shippo,* eventually Naraku and Kagura.
Love Interest: Only Naraku.
Strengths: Heal's fast, speedy, agile, anger's easy, is able to heal others, easily fools people into believing she's a weak human, because of never or simply rarely showing her demon traits.
Weaknesses: unknown for the moment
Weapon Choice: Her Claws, though she can use any weapon available to her.
History: Her parents died by the hands of Shippou's
:iconsesshyuchiha:SesshyUchiha 1 0
(Render) Oc by SesshyUchiha (Render) Oc :iconsesshyuchiha:SesshyUchiha 3 0
*Oro x Oc* The Blackbird And The Snake! Ch.2
Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Jungo had followed after the drunken Uchiha after they, all except Orochimaru, finished their drinks. When they had finally caught up to him, he'd already killed Akari and Motomi. And was in the process of killing the father with his Chidori. About 5 seconds later, Orochimaru and the rest of them spotted a little girl, who they only noticed because her eyes changed from black orbs to a bright gold with swirling black dots in them. "W-WHO ARE YOU?! W-WHY D-DID YOU K-KILL THEM?!" The little girl yelled at Sasuke with tears of blood in her eyes.
Sasuke looked at his hands, his katana, and the dead bodies of the girls family. 'Wha-What the hell just happened?! Why the hell did I do this?!!' He thought to himself as he continued to look at his own hands as the still fresh blood ran down his arms. "I-I-I'm sor-" He began but was stopped not of his own will but by her demand. "SHUT THE HELL UP! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR WHY ANYMORE I JUST WANT YOU TO LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE
:iconsesshyuchiha:SesshyUchiha 0 0
The Silent Fox and The Spider! (Cover) by SesshyUchiha The Silent Fox and The Spider! (Cover) :iconsesshyuchiha:SesshyUchiha 7 0
Mature content
*Oro x Oc* The Blackbird And The Snake! Ch.1 :iconsesshyuchiha:SesshyUchiha 0 0
(Naruto Oc) Sesshy Uchiha by SesshyUchiha (Naruto Oc) Sesshy Uchiha :iconsesshyuchiha:SesshyUchiha 0 0 (Naruto Oc) Sesshy *Senabi* Uchiha by SesshyUchiha (Naruto Oc) Sesshy *Senabi* Uchiha :iconsesshyuchiha:SesshyUchiha 1 2 Wip (1) by SesshyUchiha Wip (1) :iconsesshyuchiha:SesshyUchiha 3 0 The wand of worlds! by SesshyUchiha The wand of worlds! :iconsesshyuchiha:SesshyUchiha 1 0
The Blue Okami~ Ch.1
Name: Rakia Okami
Gender: Female
Race: Wolf Demon *Full blood like Kouga*
~Human Appearance~ (Pic is in description.)
Eyes: Glowing *in shikon era only* baby blue with a red stripe marking under each eye. *markings are also only in shikon era*
Hair: Silver with wolf ears sticking out of the sides. *normal ears in Kagome's world*
Body type: Thin but strong looking.
Age: 20 *Kagome's world*
~True Form~ (Pic is in description.)
Eyes: Glowing baby blue, her markings moved to her forehead and changed shape *as you can see in the picture above* and changed to a metallic color.
Fur: Light blue and is as soft as a cloud.
Body Build: Thin, Strong, and fast.
True Age: Unknown *200+*
~Other info~
Birth Place: America in Kagome's world
Life before meeting Kagome: She was adopted as a baby. She was always alone since she was very little, her parants or "parents" were always working and she didn't have many friends, till she met Kagome by becoming a transfer student and living in her house.
Likes: K
:iconsesshyuchiha:SesshyUchiha 2 0
Deidara by SesshyUchiha Deidara :iconsesshyuchiha:SesshyUchiha 4 0 His Demon, Her Reaper! *Story Cover* by SesshyUchiha His Demon, Her Reaper! *Story Cover* :iconsesshyuchiha:SesshyUchiha 4 0 Render #1 by SesshyUchiha Render #1 :iconsesshyuchiha:SesshyUchiha 0 0 Inuyasha Oc: Kari by SesshyUchiha Inuyasha Oc: Kari :iconsesshyuchiha:SesshyUchiha 1 0 Naruto Oc: Nikki by SesshyUchiha Naruto Oc: Nikki :iconsesshyuchiha:SesshyUchiha 2 0


Raindrops08 Cover by YoukaiYume Raindrops08 Cover :iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 717 87 My Suicide Squad by C4A2Todd My Suicide Squad :iconc4a2todd:C4A2Todd 8 6 inktober- Cherish The love by KayKatKreations inktober- Cherish The love :iconkaykatkreations:KayKatKreations 21 0 Commission for FeistyyWolf by duskyu Commission for FeistyyWolf :iconduskyu:duskyu 96 9 Ghost Bride Morgana by OlchaS Ghost Bride Morgana :iconolchas:OlchaS 1,134 31 Cold Blood Kakashi in Action by IIYametaII Cold Blood Kakashi in Action :iconiiyametaii:IIYametaII 84 1 CM | Fearless-Kitten by Ai-x-Mi CM | Fearless-Kitten :iconai-x-mi:Ai-x-Mi 13 0 K I K U by Fritz-Meier K I K U :iconfritz-meier:Fritz-Meier 47 2 Talon Suzume by Archvolocofx Talon Suzume :iconarchvolocofx:Archvolocofx 10 4 [AT] Yue by MacADoodleSauce [AT] Yue :iconmacadoodlesauce:MacADoodleSauce 23 4 Ayumi by Bauerrr Ayumi :iconbauerrr:Bauerrr 59 9 Interrupted by Akagami-san Interrupted :iconakagami-san:Akagami-san 65 11 A new storm by Shirayuki-no-Mai A new storm :iconshirayuki-no-mai:Shirayuki-no-Mai 139 42 Commission - Naomi by Blanch1 Commission - Naomi :iconblanch1:Blanch1 20 0 Young Nasuka by Zerohope2survive Young Nasuka :iconzerohope2survive:Zerohope2survive 11 3 Naruto collab by msDarkLight Naruto collab :iconmsdarklight:msDarkLight 54 3



The Daughter Of The Devil! (Cover)
render link

What if the characters of Naruto lived in the world of Inuyasha as demons or half demons? Well thats only a part of what this story's about. One day Maiko, the daughter of the devil, visits the village of Konoha (AKA Kaide's Village). But when she gets their the villagers threaten to kill her because they think she's related to Naraku who died half a century ago. When she runs away with tears in her eyes she meets a snake demon who was watching the village from the trees. (Oro x Oc)
Tagged by Dei-Itachi666  :happy: 

>Gotta answer the 13 questions the person gave you then you gotta make up your own 13 questions<
>then tag 13 people<
>[important!] don't retag the person who tagged you<

1. Early Bird or Night Owl?
I am and always have been a Night Owl
2. Favorite film?
none unless anime counts, then I have several.
3. Favorite book/book series?
Game Of Thrones
4. Favorite cartoon from childhood?
lion king
5. How much time 
do you spend online?
From the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep. *it varies every day*
What's your personality type? (ENTP, ISTJ, INFP etc.)
I don't know...
Any hobbies?
Watching anime, drawing anime, and making youtube videos.
Which country would you like to visit?
Germany or Japan
You can kill one person and don't suffer the consequences. Who would you kill?
no one every life is precious... no matter how much they've wronged me.
10. What do you think about animal testing?
it's wrong, but rather they're tested upon than me.
 If you could live in book/film world, where would you like to be?
Naruto or Inuyasha World.
12. What do you hate the most?
13. W
hat was your first thought when you saw you had been tagged?
....Why me?

Answer the questions 
1. What gender are you m/f?
2. How do you feel about jokes?
3. Favorite anime series?
Are you allergic to anything?
5. How much time 
do you spend online?
Are you an Introvert (You get energy from being alone) or an Extrovert (You get energy from being with others)?
Any hobbies?
What's your favorite song?
Something you can't leave the house without?
10. What do you think about animal testing?
 If you could live in an anime world, where would you like to be?
12. What do you hate the most?
13. W
hat was your first thought when you saw you had been tagged?

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I love all things anime! Especially if it has any thing to do with Sesshy (Sesshomaru) Or any of the Uchiha's (Ex-cluding Obito and Sasuke)


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